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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007, White Plantation

Before heading out to Thib, while Christian was busy with volleyball practice, Lucy and I stopped by AJs for a quick visit with baby Edward.
It is really entertaining to watch the two of them not play together at all. Most of the time it looked something like this:

At one point, as Edward was bolting off towards the liquor bottles, undoubtedly to liven up the part, Lucy actually yelled "boy", in the same way she does when trying to get Loki's attention, and started making the "tsk,tsk" sound with her mouth in the same way she tries to get the neighborhood cats to come over and play. The highlight of the visit was when Edward flushed a wooden hot dog down the toilet. Lucy hasn't stopped talking about it.
There were a few moments where we provided a glimpse of what is to come when they are a bit older and understand that independent play is not the only way to have fun:

It was great to spend time out at Thibodaux. The weather was nice, not too hot and only a little rainy and always at the right time. As a result of the rain, the ditches were filled and the dogs had a field day.
We had a delicious dinner together on Saturday night, courtesy of Uncle George. Most of the weekend was spent enjoying the awesome new pool. It is something to behold:


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