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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

State Street was packed with kids tonight. It was an absolute mad-house and some of the best people watching I have engaged in since Mardi Gras. I know where I want to be every year on October 31 and, as long as Margot and Walker are up for it, I hope the tradition will continue.

It was a great excuse to get together and it was total fun to be in the absolute middle of Halloween Madness! We had delicious sandwiches, vegetable soup, satsumas, and Halloween cookies that are as good as those awesome ones we used to get a McKenzie's, if not better.

Although Lucy and Edward ran out of steam pretty early on, I think they had an excellent time and I am hoping that next year they will last a bit longer!
Here they are in costume:

and here is a view of the porch:

It was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Thanks Margot and Walker!


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