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Sunday, March 30, 2008

An excuse to paint

Springtime at White Plantation is so beautiful that there is little room for any improvement.
However, since we will be celebrating Jonathan and Jennifer's engagement there next weekend, extra-special attention is being given to make sure that everything looks perfect...and it almost does. The big house has never looked better with its freshly planted flower beds of pinks, lavenders, and whites. In comparison, the dollhouse looked especially old and neglected, badly in need of some sprucing up. Yesterday Julie, Margot, Julie V. and I decided it was the perfect time to tackle this project.

I have to say that we had a blast doing it...each in our own true-to-form way. Quick and easy is my method so I offered to sweep the inside, but quickly deserted my post when I discovered some kind of a nest in one room, and poison ivy vines in another. I "supervised" from the golf cart until the painting began. Margot and Julie V., no strangers to hard work, took over and swept the little dollhouse out like no one else could. They also swept the roof! Aunt Julie, with her careful attention to detail, began painting the shutters. We were quite a sight, balancing our paint trays and roller brushes, painting away, trying so hard not to get any blue on the house or on ourselves. Margot planted precious window boxes and Julie was painting an old wagon for Lucy with the left-over blue paint. So now the little dollhouse has freshly painted shutters and front porch, and we probably would have kept on going if we hadn't have run out of paint!

Now, Lucy and Edward will have the chance to create their own memories as the newest members of PWAC CC!


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