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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day at White Plantation - how was your weekend?

I hope everyone had as much fun as we had this weekend.
Lucy hopes you all had plenty of rest

and relaxation...

and that she will see her new friend Edward very soon.

It was one of those perfect weekends at White - the kind that are way too short and make you realize how much you love and miss your family when they are away.
It was also an historical moment for all of us because I would swear, just for a minute there, Lucy and Edward held a very brief meeting of the PWAC C.C. II. You be the judge...

But, for those of you who weren't around and were missed, rest assured that while it appears there was plenty of this...

and a whole mess of that...

going on and even though it was Labor Day afterall...there was still plenty of work to be done...

I will post more soon about the Thibodaux debut of Edward C. Rinehart, the most precious baby around. I will also provide more details about the Cocodrie Fishing trip (did anyone get sick?), the late-night trivial pursuit game at the Poitevents (who put their money on Dan and Betsy?), and the Scrabble game at the big house (would Catherine accept p.c. as a word?).

I will also put more pictures on Snapfish and/or Flickr sometime this week. Check the blog later for details. In the meantime, let us was your weekend?


At 10:30 AM, Blogger sarah poitevent said...

I was so glad to see everyone this weekend. Last week was particularly difficult, so it was a welcome relief to be among familiar faces and surroundings. Thanks for welcoming Cheairs--he had a great time.


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