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Monday, April 30, 2007


When I was in NYC a few weeks ago visiting Molls I had the chance to check out the show she was working on, Giant. The show just ended last weekend but not before this rather complimentary review that ran in the Village Voice.,various,76445,11.html

Incidentally, the guy from the Village Voice and I were at the same show. It was a small audience because it was the day before the Noreaster hit and people didn't really want to go outside of their homes. The actors were worried that the audience didn't enjoy the show and Molly had to reassure them that it went well - here's the proof!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Jordan and Austin!!!!

Austin and Jordan celebrated their birthdays yesterday!
Happy Birthday guys!
Much love and best wishes for another wonderful year and many more beautiful ones to come!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Big News!

So now it is official. The Banos family will welcome one more- Sarah and Cheairs are engaged!

In a carefully orchestrated surprise, Cheairs arranged for Mom and Dad to be at his family's farm in Tennessee while he surprised Sarah with a picnic and a ring. They were all able to celebrate later in the day and with a lovely dinner.

We're all very excited for the new addition to the family and for the impending celebrations! Cheairs, in order to make it all official, we'll be sending the Banos familia starter kit, complete with rain boots and a fly swatter for Thib., and a small family tree so you can study up!

Congratulations, Sarah and Cheairs!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Easter Pics

Here are a few more pictures from Easter weekend, courtesy of Aunt Becky.
I love the picture of the basket of dyed eggs and, I have to admit, some of the crazy tie-dyed eggs look the best.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

We had a great time out at Thib this weekend but we really missed those of you who could not be there. The weather was absolutely bizarre. It was incredibly cold and very grey. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in jeans and down coats at Easter mass. The lady in front of us had her little girl wrapped up in a fleece blanket, seriously.

Lucy and I arrived in time for lunch outside on Friday with mom, AJ, Papa George, GG, and our friend Margarita:

Lucy spent the remainder of the afternoon on her new Dora the Explorer car from mom:

and checking out Jade and the colt. It was amazing to see the look on Lucy's face when she figured out she was looking at a real-live baby horse - total awe. And why not? Look how cute:

On Friday night Uncle George boiled about 80 lbs of crawfish and we gathered on GG's porch for Good Friday dinner. The crawfish were delicious - easy to peel and not too spicy. It was actually a big treat to be able to focus on visiting and eating crawfish as opposed to slapping mosquitos - our usual Good Friday crawfish boil routine. Lucy did a pretty good job of hanging out with everyone but I think at one point she sprawled out on the porch and at that point Aunt Margot took her back to the house to bathe her so I got to visit with Catherine and Sarah for a bit longer and appreciate a night of leisure.

On Saturday it was cold and gray - it actually sleeted at one point. I think we were all kind of in hibernation mode, which was kind of nice. It was a peaceful day. We dyed eggs at Aunt Julie's, read mags, made an obligatory trip to WalMart, and then gathered together again at Uncle George's for some extra-special fried catfish. Once again Lucy was able to keep up with us for the most part, but I figured the party was over when she offered to change Sarah's diapey so we headed home.

At Sarah and Christian's urging I set up an Easter egg hunt for Lucy. I had to do it inside because of the cold, dogs, and armadillos - and I couldn't really "hide" them for fear that Pop would step on them and trip or just pick them up thinking it was more junk Lucy left around on the floor - so I just put them along the steps and on the bench. The hunt was a huge hit. She was psyched when she woke up and saw all of the eggs and collected every single one. Very impressive. Of course, she was momentarily distracted by the Easter loot but almost immediately went back to playing with the yellow volleyball and the two, stupid, orange ping-pong balls she carried around all weekened.

There are some additional pictures of Lucy on the nolababy site and I will try to put the rest from the weekend on flickr soon.