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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend 2007

Here's the rundown of Thanksgiving out at White for those of you who couldn't make it and were totally missed:

Most of us were out there by Wednesday night - the G. Banoses plus Granny and Papa and Susan, Sarah, Katie, and Richard. Big Laura was also in town and stayed at AJ's with Edward and Scott. The Jones family was all there as well - along with Jennifer and her family who joined us for lunch on Thursday.

Lunch was at the big house and Aunt Margot had everything set up beautifully. The weather cooperated too. It was cold and gray, but not too cold to eat outside on the porch. We watched football, ate some delicious lunch and then hung around outside because the sun finally started to come out.

Here's mom and Aunt Margot leading a team out to the fields to check out the sunset, "C'mon you all. I mean it is beautiful..."

The guys played some frisbee and football and Papa George even got in on some of the action for a minute or two. They took a break to help Uncle George unload the wood for the bonfire:

Thursday night we all enjoyed hanging out around the bonfire. We had a few close calls with wild embers and then the collapsing wood but no major problems. It was actually perfect. Lucy even joined us all out there for a little while and was fascinated.

Lucy spent most of the afternoon playing with Chloe:

On Friday many people went to the LSU game and were gone for the entire day. It was a very long and disappointing game but everyone had a great time. I (along with mom, Aunt Margot and AJ) took La Luz on her inaugural trip to "town" to shop. Let me tell you, trips to town have improved so much since I was little and the big draw was K&B. This time we went to Houma.

There were plenty of scrabble games played over the course of the weekend, but I am not sure who the reigning champ is now. All I know that I got squashed by Laura and mom the one time I played.

Christian, Lucy and I stuck around until late Saturday night so that we could enjoy some fried, Des Allemands catfish courtesy of Uncle George. It was delicious. The best part was that Jane and John entertained Lucy the entire time so we got to enjoy dinner without interruption.

I am looking forward to seeing those of you who will be in town over Christmas. I hope that everyone is doing well.

Here's an update on the Banos family news (that I know). Please feel free to send me any information and I will post it.

AJ and Uncle Edward are off to Europe to meet up with Mary and travel for 3 weeks (not necessarily in that order).

Sarah and Cheairs made it back safely from their honeymoon last week.

Josh is going to Indonesia in mid-December.

I hope nobody else is taking a cool trip or I will become insanely jealous. This is almost too much to take!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Margot

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
We love you very much!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday AJ and Sarah

I hope that you both have a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

I promise I will get around to posting some of the pictures from the wedding soon.
In the meantime, if any of you want a copy of the pictures, just let me know and I will send you a disc.