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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Georgia won, LSU won, the Saints won, and ASH won...what more could you ask for?

Lucy, Loki, Mom, and I spent another nice weekend out at Thibodaux. Pop was in Chicago bringing Josh his car and Christian was in Baton Rouge for a volleyball tournament.
Aunt Margot, Aunt Julie, and Uncle Edward were also out there and it was great to get to spend time with them.
On Friday night mom cooked a delish dinner and while AJ worked on the Christmas stockings, Mom, Margot, Uncle Edward, and I settled in for a round of scrabble.
As can be expected, it was a real nail-biter. I don't remember much about the game but it should tell you enough about it that my best word was taxi. Oddly enough, mom didn't win this game. She usually does. Here's the score:

Saturday, after a trip to Target, Lucy came down with some sort of virus. She developed a high fever and started acting all lethargic. It ended up being no big deal but it was sort of scary at first. Lucy and I stayed inside most of the day watching some DVDs. Mom, AJ, and Uncle Edward went to see Tahlodega Nights - The Story of Ricky Bobby. I will give you one guess who picked the movie. By the time they got back, Lucy had made a nice recovery. She even provided us with a little evening entertainment.

Lucy hopes you all had a great weekend.


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